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WKC Group is an awarding winning consultancy, specialising in undertaking screening assessments of piping systems and process units in the identification and control of induced vibration.

We are an advocate of adopting screening methods outlined by the Energy Institute as we see these as the most contemporary set of robust guidelines and where current investment into research is expanding the industries knowledge and understanding of the phenomena. We are also very familiar with other design codes such as those of BP, Shell, Petronas, Saudi Aramco, ADNOC and Exxon.

Richard Palmer

Service Lead

petrochemical industrial, Refinery


In industrial environments, failures of piping components can lead to unsafe operation, environmental damage, and a significant loss of revenue. Excessive piping vibrations are a major cause of machinery downtime, leaks, fatigue failures, high noise, fires, and explosions in refineries and petrochemical plants. 

Our Approach

We are an advocate of adopting screening methods outlined by the Energy Institute as we see these as the most contemporary set of robust guidelines and where current investment into research is expanding the industries knowledge and understanding of the phenomena.