A common problem in high pressurised gas systems are rapid depressurisations of systems resulting in high mass flow rates and large pressure drops. Find out more how WKC can help you identify and control such phenomena.

Piping systems in long term service that have high velocities and substantial mass flows generate significant amounts of kinetic energy. If left unchecked the turbulence in the system can lead to plastic deformation.  Talk to one of our experts on how to avoid such issues with your piping system. 

Smallbore Connections

Often referred to as SBCs, due to the small diameter of the pipe these can be susceptible to flow induced vibration. The geometry and location of the SBC is critical in identifying the risk to the connection.  Our team can quickly aid in the evaluation and mitigation of SBCs in a uniformed approach. 


Typically, a result of flow with a high kinetic energy that is forced to change direction suddenly. Typically, a concern within firewater systems for offshore facilities.  Our team can conduct screening analysis of such systems to identify any potential risk.  


One of the simpler forms of induced vibration to manage, which is the result of vibration being transferred to the piping network by operating machinery, such as compressors and pumps. Our team will assess pipework that is directly attached to machinery, running close to machinery or share a common support to isolate the transfer of vibration.  


Occurs when the system pressure drops below the vapour pressure, creating a bubbleCavitation tends to be very localised and can therefore be traced back to the operation of a nearby valve or pump. WKC can help identify the causes and provide ways in which the risk can be managed.  

Training Seminars

If you are looking to become more familiar with the assessment of induced vibration analysis, we offer bespoke training courses and workshops that enable participants to become competent in conducting qualitative and quantitative assessments in accordance with the EI methods and provide them with an understanding of the different mitigation measures that can be applied and when to apply them in a cost effective manner. 

New Design System Check

Not sure what the risk is? At an early stage of the design process we can conduct a whole systems audit to identify the potential risk from induced vibration excitation and create an action plan of the necessary studies and quantitative analysis that are required in order to minimise the risk to business critical activities