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WKC Group is an environmental consultancy firm offering high-value advisory services and technical studies. WKC’s Induced Vibration Team offer expertise in the analysis, prediction and mitigation of vibration in piping systems.

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  • Mitigation

Our goal is to aid design, piping and process engineers by identifying potential risks in their piping systems. During both the FEED and EPC stages of a project, our objective is to help our clients eliminate or safely control vibration without the need for costly retrofits post commissioning.

WKC Group is an award winning consultancy, specialising in undertaking screening assessments of piping systems and process units in the identification and control of induced vibration.

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AIV Mitigation Considerations

AIV Mitigation Considerations (By Ian Goble, WKC Group) The final step in an Acoustic Induced Vibration (AIV) assessment is the implementation of mitigation measures at locations with Likelihood of Failure (LOF) values of between [...]

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